Professional Website Design

Making sure your business has a professional and modern website is practically a requirement in 2021. Hundreds of thousands of unique users are searching for your business right now. Our expert team will allow you to take advantage of this traffic to boost your business.

your website is Critical to your business

Your website is a critical marketing tool. Most of the time, a potential customer’s first interaction with your company is through your website. It’s the smile of your brand. Likewise, your new website will act as the backbone to your Digital Marketing strategy.

Increase Your Customer Base

Having a website will allow new customers to see your business for the first time. Our websites are built to turn visitors into customers.

Fly High Above the Competition

We're willing to bet that you have a competitor -- most businesses do. Our team analyzes your competitors so you can stay ahead.

Keep Your Patrons Informed

Your website is the starting point for sharing information about your business and brand to the world. Keep your customers informed with your site.

What you need to know before you redesign your site

Our team at JMS Web Design strives to provide meaningful value to your business while being transparent at every step of the way. Having your website designed can feel like a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be! Our team is here to help and we’ve prepared some answers to questions you may have. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out.

The short answer: you get what you pay for. A developer costs more but will add more value to your business than doing it yourself.

You’re absolutely correct that you can use a page builder! Most of the businesses we work with said and did use a page builder before they became a client. The dilemma is as old as time: why pay for a professional when you can do it yourself?

A page builder has a low up-front cost but it may take you days or weeks to build something that looks okay. But, did you check your copy for SEO? Did you make sure the site is mobile responsive? Did you analyze your competitors keywords against yours? The list goes on. Now you have an OK website, but you’ve spent all this time on it when you could be building your business.

A professional website design and digital marketing agency (like JMS Web Design) knows what to look for, where to include it, and how to make it work for your business when designing a website. You can be a part of the development process but still have time to build your business.

The short answer: you should redesign your website every 3 – 5 years.

This is a great question we hear from clients. We recommend upgrading your website every 3 – 5 years. A website is more than just nice visuals — it is a professional piece of software designed to assist you in reaching your company’s goals. The internet evolves constantly and just like the iPhone or Android device in your pocket, if you want to keep up you’ll have to upgrade.

We’d be happy to take a look for you and let you know if it’s time to get a redesign. We’ll be transparent and let you know what we think. Reach out and ask us about your site.

The short answer: your phone has a lot less pixels available to display your website. Your website should purposely account for mobile websites in its design.

In 2021, more than 50% of visitors who view your website use their phone and it makes sense. For most people, their phone is with them at all times, especially when they’re out of the house. If that potential customer needs your services, they’ll be on their phone searching for the best deals or locations in the area.

That’s why your website needs to shine on mobile.

we're the right fit for your business

The experts at JMS Web Design know the importance that a functional web presence is to your company. We’ve been in this business for a long time and have worked with clients in multiple industries, some similar to yours. Here’s some of the work we’ve done in the past: