Secure Email Management

Take your brand to a whole new level of professionalism a with customized email addresses. Equip your staff with emails from your domain as well as shared inboxes for fast collaboration.

Email is an essential tool for a business. Let's do it right.

Why you'll benefit from customized emails

For most businesses in 2021, reading and responding to emails are a daily task that we can’t live without. If you’re using a personal email to conduct business, you may be sending the message that your company doesn’t take it’s client-facing communication seriously.

What you'll gain for your business

Improve brand trust with every email.

Secure Your Organization

With customized email management, your organization will become more secure. You won't need to share passwords and you'll have access to a shared file portal.

Collaborate Effectively

With a custom email solution, you can establish mailboxes that are shared among employees. Forgetting to forward an email is a thing of the past!

Prevent Being Marked as SPAM

Make sure your emails are going to the inbox of your clients. Our custom solution mitigates the risk of your emails being sent to a client's spam folder.

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What to know about Custom Email Management.

Transparency means a lot to us

Establishing a customized email service is an excellent first step in securing your organization and improving your digital authenticity. We’ve compiled a list of common questions you may have. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out.

Here are a few common questions we get asked

Short Answer: Using a personal email address for your business has a lot of downsides including security issues, continuity of operations issues, and authenticity issues.

A personal email address may have been good to use when you were just starting out, however, if your business communications deal heavily with clients, customers, and other staff, it’s time to upgrade. With customized email addresses, you’ll be able to enforce uniform email addresses across your organization and control access in real-time.

Using a personal email address may negatively impact how a client may perceive your business. If you put yourself in your shoes, what would sound more professional: or If the answer is the latter, it’s time to upgrade to customized email support and management with JMS Web Design.

Short Answer: Your personal email address can automatically forward all your client emails to your new custom email address.

Changing your primary form of communication with your clients is a big step. We know that some clients will still prefer to contact you on your personal email account. You can seamlessly forward all of your client emails to your new inbox.

Short Answer: You can still use a personal email address and have your professional email be forwarded.

We understand that your personal email address may be important to you. That’s why, if you really don’t want to change, you can still use your personal email address! However, the difference is that the professional email address you create will be forwarded directly to your personal account.

Your business will enjoy all the benefits of a professional email service while nothing changes for your day-to-day operations.

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