Expert Search Engine Optimization.

Grow your business’s online traffic organically and stand out from the competition. Implementing an SEO strategy for your website is a key component to improving the ROI from your online presence while keeping your marketing budget low.

SEO is the way that your website gets found on the internet.

Why you'll benefit from SEO optimization

Your website may be exceptional, but it won’t get you business if nobody can find it. Search Engine Optimization (usually abbreviated as SEO) is a set of design principles / techniques that help Search Engines — like Google, Bing, and Yahoo — better understand your website. Once the Search Engines understand your site, they can direct interested customers to your business.

What you'll gain for your business

Convert interested visitors into paying customers.

Save On Your Marketing Budget

SEO provides an organic growth for your business. You won't need to run as many advertisements with an SEO optimized website.

Get Found First

The first result in a search page will get more than half the web traffic. Optimizing your site will allow your business to beat out competition.

Attract Interested Customers

The goal of SEO is teaching Search Engines to better understand your website. Once they do, the Search Engines will send you interested customers ready to buy.

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Our customized strategies get results.

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Our step-by-step model for success

What to know before implementing SEO on your site

Transparency means a lot to us

Transparency is a core tenet at JMS Web Design. Following that, we aim to keep our clients informed at every step of the way. Search Engine Optimization is an extremely important tool that helps grow your web traffic organically without ads. However, there’s a lot of technical jargon that can be confusing at times. We’ve put together a short list of FAQs that may help clarify SEO better. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out.

Here are a few common questions we get asked

SEO is a wide range of techniques that help a website influence search engines to serve relevant information to interested visitors. Like all computer technology, the field is full of buzzwords and acronyms. Here’s a short list of common terms you may here from us or other designers:

  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO lets your website get more traffic by influencing the way Search Engines understand your website.
  • Search Engines are services and websites that let visitors search the internet for relevant topics. When we talk about Search Engines, we’re usually talking about Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL.
  • ROI stands for Return on Investment. The ROI of your investments are how much you make based on the amount of money you’ve spent. The goal of your SEO strategy is to earn more through the strategy than what you’ve paid to have the SEO strategy implemented.
  • Organic Growth is a way to improve the number of people that view your business’s website without running ads. You can think of organic to mean natural or without paying for growth.
  • SERP is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Results Page. This is a page that you see when you type in a question to Google and you see all the results. Since SEO is  centered on boosting your SERP ranking, the results page is mentioned. A lot.
  • SERP Rankings is the position of your website in a SERP page for a particular keyword or phrase. Let’s say you typed in: “Best Website Designers of 2021” and we were the first listing. That would make our SERP ranking 1 for that search phrase.
  • Keywords are just key phrases that you may target when implementing your SEO strategy. “Professional SEO Agency” may be a phrase of key words you want to target when someone searches that phrase in a Search Engine. 

The short answer: you get what you pay for. An expert is going to know what you need and is backed with years of experience.

You sure can learn a thing or two about Search Engine Optimization from online tutorials. However, we have a office story where an intern decided to fix his car by watching a YouTube video. After 2 long days, plenty of elbow grease, and some serious determination, his 2018 Nissan stopped working. The car went to the shop and was fixed before the day’s end.

Learning SEO from tutorials will get you the basics, but the real test is designing and implementing these strategies in real world conditions. Trust us, you don’t want to leave the SEO on your site to a first-timer.

A professional website design and digital marketing agency (like JMS Web Design) knows what to look for, where to include it, and how to make it work for your business when implementing an SEO strategy for a website. You can be a part of the development process but still have time to build your business.

The short answer: the content you have displayed on your website may be working against you. SEO strategies can work around the content you love so that your site is your own, but better at attracting customers.

A website has content that every business owner may grow to love. It’s your website and we respect that the content you’ve created may have taken days to perfect just to your liking. That’s why at JMS Web Design our strategy is to make sure your website behaves efficiently and is something that you love. Our designers take care to modify the content you have so that your is still your own.

The short answer: it depends on your business, the industry your business is in, and the goals you have for your website.

SEO provides your website with sustainable organic growth. This level of growth allows your traffic and analytics to increase at a consistent rate to improve the number of visitors you have. These visitors may in-turn interact with your brand and make purchases in-store or on your site.

Running advertising is like supercharging this process. You pay the Search Engines to put your links first. Depending on your goals, you may want to run ads targeting some keywords while also using SEO to grow on other keywords. You may want to use both SEO and advertising to focus on the same keywords if there’s enough competition for it!

Let's talk about how our SEO service can benefit your business.