High Speed Website Hosting

Give your website a cutting edge with website hosting from JMS Web Design. Our servers can be set up close to your business, come with military grade encryption, and are designed to scale with your business.

Your website deserves to be hosted on the best servers.

Why you'll benefit from hosting your website with JMS Web Design

Every website needs to be hosted somewhere. Where and how your website is hosted can play a big part in your websites SEO, load times, and down times. Finding a hosting provider who can add meaningful value can make or break how well your website performs.

What you'll gain for your business

Ramp up your online success by hosting your site with the best.

Built-in Security

All websites that are hosted on our servers come with the green lock icon. Your clients will be safe when sharing personal information with your business.

High Speed from the Cloud

Our web servers are deployed around the country. You'll enjoy extremely fast speeds from a server that is physically close to your business.

Ongoing Maintenance

Make sure your website is secure and updated to boost its lifespan. An updated website will continue to meet your expectations for years to come.

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Double the lifetime of your website through our managed hosting.

Your website, built to last.

Like your smart phone, tablet, and TV, a website has a shelf life of optimal performance. By applying timely updates to your site, your site’s security, and the host itself, your website will be able to run with high performance service for years to come.

Contact us now to discuss your website, where it’s hosted, and how we can migrate it to boost its performance. The first consultation is always free.

How we manage your website

What to know before choosing a website host.

Transparency means a lot to us

Transparency is a core tenet at JMS Web Design. Following that, we aim to keep our clients informed at every step of the way. Making sure your business employs the best website hosting server is as critical as making sure your website looks and feels functional and professional. The host can have a massive impact on the way your website is perceived and the number of clients you can attract. We’ve compiled a list of common questions you may have. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out.

Here are a few common questions we get asked

Short Answer: Large companies provide you a sub-par product and try to up sell you at every turn. Yours will be one of thousands of websites hosted on the same server in a data-center potentially half the country away.

You’ve probably heard about large companies offering hosting services before. They offer their service for lower rates for a bare minimum experience. You receive a hosting service that you need to set up yourself with little security to protect your clients from attackers. Then, that same company tries to up sell you at every turn to purchase additional sub-par products. They may call you at unreasonable times or even insistently send you marketing emails. Rinse and repeat.

Hosting your website with JMS Web Design means that we take care of everything. Your website is installed with white glove service, your website is hosted physically close to your business, and your website has military grade security built right in. Your website will thank you later.

Short Answer: A website is a high-tech piece of software that needs to be maintained to perform well.

If we were to purchase a brand new super car from the dealership tomorrow, you’d expect to service it a few times a year, change the oil, and make sure it has gas. If you didn’t do those things, your car would be falling apart or it would stop running altogether quickly. Your website is no different.

Without proper maintenance, your website will stop performing well or worse. Without security updates and attack detection software, your website could become infected with malware that will damage your brand and public perception.

JMS Web Design will make sure your website is up to date and functioning for years to come. We’ll ensure your site is malware free and safe for your clients.

Short Answer: The green lock (HTTPS) is how a client can safely and securely communicate with your website. Without it, an attacker may be able to steal sensitive information. Additionally, search engines frown down upon websites without HTTPS.

Having a green lock in your address bar is how your web browser tells you that your website is using HTTPS. HTTPS is a type of protocol your computer uses to securely and safely communicate with a website. Without it, any sensitive information a client shares with your business can be easily and quickly hijacked by an attacker. You may be liable for that breach of information.

With JMS Web Design, we made the conscious decision to enable HTTPS (the green lock) on every single website we host. We’re a company that puts you first. Our sites are secured with military grade encryption so that you can and your clients can be sure that your communications are secured.

Short Answer: You get what you pay for. Free / cheap web hosting services will provide a slow, insecure service that will cause you headaches in the future. Your website will need to be replaced faster and you’ll spend more money long-term.

Think about this: you just had commissioned a sleek and functional website designed to bring your business more business. You made sure the site was perfect and tested it on your laptop, computer and phone. Then, you chose to host it on a free or cheap website host and noticed that your site became 3 times slower and was now insecure. Months later, your site now barely works, it’s very outdated, and you’re wondering where everything went wrong. That story is both an unfortunate and common thing we hear from our clients.

Having your site hosted with a professional will cost more, but you’ll save money over time. Your website will last several years longer and be functional right up until you decide you want to upgrade.

Let's talk about how web hosting with JMS Web Design can benefit your business.